What’s all the hype?

The advent of AI is gradual, though for the masses it seems to occur in discontinuous leaps. In the 90s a human chess champion lost a game to Watson, a chess program from IBM, and perhaps the next thing you know is another match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol hitting the headline. The increasingly staggering complexity that modern AI systems exhibit should concern us, as everyone, willy-nilly, will be affected by this irrevocable trend.


This article aims to inform people about artificial intelligence in general. It requires little domain specific knowledge to understand.

The content is structured as follows. First…

Everybody Lies — by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Logicians and mathematicians inspect the state of matter, the train of thought on paper, for speech is too fleeting to grasp. The brain is only capable of remembering a measly list of items. We see that paper is an extension of the brain.

Both speech and information are fleeting. The same way writing freezes speech, data can freeze information. The underlying bits may not make sense to any sane human, but they are, at a higher level, a meaningful manifestation of their source. A Google search is an expression of someone’s needs or desire, a social media post carries the…

When content is intentionally getting shorter

Disclaimer: this article might sound like condemning the vile TikTok, but by no means I’m reprimanding any specific content creators on it nor any developers that implemented this app. Your work is subjective to your viewer and users, and my words only aim to educate and convince. Whether this article is valuable or not, you are the judge.

TikTok as a popular app going internationalized quickly sweeps through the entire world, generating hundreds of thousands of videos every day. Typically I will inspect every new platform with the most doubt and suspicions. Is it as innocuous as it seems? As I scroll through the website, short videos pop up, and slowly they begin to smack of oversharing and unhealthy vanity. Something must be off.

Tantalizing videos are no new materials on the Internet. YouTube has been a place where any kind of videos can be published. Knowing the mechanisms behind this, I rarely click on videos that might…

The Art of Invisibility — The World’s Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

1 Your Password Can Be Cracked

The leak of celebrities’ photos gives us a shudder, as we should be in full charge of the data of our own. Tools available on shady forums and github alone could be used to back up your iPhone, or for attackers to get into your iCloud account. Following a suspicious IP address, the police captured someone who had hacked into more than 300 iCloud accounts, but till now no charge has been pressed. Using a hard to guess password is not going to prevent certain tools to crack this, but this could stall the attacker to the point that he…

Book Summary 0

As I was talking with some friend from high school, he chuckled or even scoffed at my recent whereabout. I told him I’d been up to Internet privacy. He really seemed to contemplate for a moment, before tentatively retorted, “Well, I’m not a criminal. I’m an open book, really, just nothing to hide”. I was dismayed. I thought at least someone with the same upbringing could get me, and could resonate with me. Boy, was I wrong.

Privacy is an innate right to human, as stated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights back in 1948. Maybe they couldn’t foresee…


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